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The Bantu District of Ethiopia is an area south of the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa. The area is home to approximately 200,000 people who are predominantly farmers and live is small clusters of mud-walled, grass-roofed houses or on the land that they farm and raise farm animals. According to available figures, just over 30% of these people have access to safe water. Only one-fourth of that 30% are located in rural areas. Infant mortality sits at 76 per 1000 live births (4.3 per 1000 in the U.S).

In 2014, Hope Springs Water will be an active partner in The Ethiopia Clean Water and Health Initiative, a program with The Ethiopia Area Mission (T.E.A.M). This initiative will help the people of the Bantu District improve their lives through education, better nutrition, improved sanitation, and safe water  Hope Springs Water will fund the reclamation of 24 hand dug wells and fit them with Afridev pumps.

Hope Springs Water recently took possession of a new drilling rig which will remain in Ethiopia. The acquisition of this rig ensures that we will be a major influence on bringing safe water to this country with so many needs.