"A person who freely offers to take part in a project"



Golf Well

September 23, 2019

Golf Well is a golf tournament that raises money to go towards water projects in the developing world. Click HERE to get more information about GolfWELL 2019

How you can help:

  • Setting up

  • Registration

  • Tearing down

  • Handing out water to players

  • Golf Stations

Turkey Trot

November 28, 2019

Turkey Trot is a 5k that the whole family will enjoy. Money raised will also help fund our water projects.

How you can help:

  • Setting up

  • Registration

  • Work a table

  • Tearing down

  • Handing out water to runners


Sewing Menstrual Hygiene Kits

Girls in developing countries, on average, miss 60 days of school each year because there is no access to manage their menstruation. Hope Springs Water has multiple volunteer groups who are currently sewing reusable hygiene kits that last for 3 years. By sewing these kits you can help keep girls in school to finish their education which increases their earning capacity and over all self worth.

For more information about our efforts in keeping young girls in school please take a look at our Hope for Girls program.

Even if you don’t sew there are still many ways to help. We need help cutting fabric, washing, ironing, snapping, packing and much more! Consider signing up to see if this might be your place to serve also.


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By donating 100% of the profit from the sale of our bottled water we are able to provide Hope for a healthier future to those in the developing world. We deliver out of our warehouse in Athens, TX throughout the East Texas area. Our volunteers make up our exceptional service that puts our company above the rest. There is no doubt HSW flourishes due to the work that is done behind the scenes. If you might be interested in being a part of the team that makes this possible, consider signing up to volunteer.