In 2012, Hope Springs Water funded the drilling of two wells in Mexico, one in the village of Chikue in the mountains of central Mexico and a second in the village of Samichique near Creel. Hope Springs Water partnered with Mexico Medical Missions for these projects, ensuring that many generations of Tarahumara Indian children in the Chikue region will be able to attend school, have good water to drink, remain healthy, and have an infinitely better opportunity to contribute to the well being of themselves, their families, and their community.

Sierra Leone

Heavy rain seasons can lead to outbreaks of cholera in this region of Africa. Hope Springs Water received an email in 2013 from the Kinexxu Network, seeking immediate funding to help complete a point of access water treatment project when their initial funding fell through. Racing the clock, Hope Springs Water was able to help complete the project, protecting as many as 12,000 people from an imminent outbreak.


Hope Springs Water has provided two pure water wells in Bunyagira, Uganda. This is a community of about 600 people which boasts an elementary school serving approximately 200 local students in first through third grades. The villagers’ only source of water was a well two miles away in another village or a local catchment pond – an open pit shared by people and animals alike. Gastrointestinal illnesses were commonplace. After a villager, Isaac Kaye, contacted Hope Springs Water asking for a well for his people, Hope Springs Water was able to provide not only one, but two wells over a period of two years. Today, the people of Bunyagira enjoy the good health and bright future that comes from safe water!