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At Hope Springs Water our mission is threefold. To bring hope to the world through Clean Water, Reliable Sanitation, and Hygiene Education.

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Water Crisis

Hope Springs Water sees every one of the 663 million people without access to clean water and the 2.4 billion without proper sanitation as individuals deserving of a life lived in health and dignity. Because a child dies every 90 seconds from a diarrheal disease caused by a lack of safe water, and because women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa spend 40 billion hours a year just collecting water, HSW is motivated by “the fierce urgency of now” in carrying out our mission.

HSW achieves its mission by drilling water wells, building sanitary latrines, and teaching public health and hygiene related practices through their school-based Wash programs.

*Sources: World Health Organization


Our Work

Well drilling, latrine building, and hygiene training so hope springs everywhere.



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Hygiene Education

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Improved Sanitation

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menstruation Hygiene Management

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